part one – Rise Of The Immortal Ones


We, Nioba´s children

Persephona´s tribe

Blessed by the darkness

And damned by thee light

Gone along the Styx

To smash the paradise


Incisors of Satan cruel again


Blasphemous creatures of inborn incest

Rape and leave myself in spasm of our Dark

In her embrace we will find the love

Thou villain, rotten Nazareth...


We drink thee blood

To reach black Nirvana

In acheron you promised

We will arise


For Darkness is true

Like wolves of Hades

And vultures Of Set

We won´t die


part two – Mysteriously Attacked


Mother Earth weeps and cries

Her tears are blood

For human race failed

Now salute the endless rape

Thy graves has been opened

And our innocent voices

Called the Dark


With silver skin of Death

We search for virgin flesh

This art of magick never leaved

Our Minds


In the name of Bathory

Master of the Youth

Ares, beastly legacy

We´ll summon the Christ


Black sunshine upon the sky

And moon suffers again

Satan suckled Abraham

For this is an apocalyptic

Suddenly end





The insignia of Dusk

No-one stays innocent

Within her godless lips

Witchcraft added to our hearts

In this Abyss

Faces of the Genocide

Thee dying hands

Chaos created to reign

The genealogy of Evil


Sinister blizzard

Trust in evil...my illness...


Feast on the carrion of Messiah

Fated E-lu-ci-da-tion

Carnivorous life of Jesus

The end-less Con-fron-ta-tion


Bizzare apostolic vanity

In the churches of insanity...




May Thou burn at Thy altars

In abolition of the God

May Thy absurd promises awake

Like Thy enemy


Cold like the november sun

This creed is a gun

Lunatic Daemons of Eden

Deep in pure Misanthropia

Miscarriage of Sarah


I am the nymph of the end

I am the devil and beast

Heaven shall be abolished

Angels should by dethroned


By lure of Darkness


You have lost all the time

Now greet the Inferno

Love as a widow

Waiting to hunt

In name of the rage

And flesh for Cerberus


Invoke the suffering

The Creator dies

In this Luciferion


For Love is my sickness

And Unclean is blessed




She lay by the moonlight in tear of a dew

Evening kneww, that she had been true

Heart is Her Tyrannt

God is a corpse

Her cataclysmic vengeance is about to be cruel


Consecrated by six blackened seraphim

All she desired was peace


Now as we dance in the nocturnal woods

Satanic music howled by the wolves

Spirit of Lilith is full of joy

For Night is a shelter and Eve is annoyed


Archangel, hold her tight

She won´t die crucified

We are in love, side by side


More human than a God

More damned than worshiped

More feminine than murderous

More than a wilting rose




In the forefront of this battle

Numberless exhumed prophets

Bringers of the truth and wisdom

In the world of false illusions


Serenade of the Dead

Regarded by Christ

Punishment of Glory


Purity and Progress

Of blood into wine

And wine into venom

As a liquid plague

Remedied by Belial


Restless nights of Faust

Cradled by devils

The carnage of Mind


It is time to burn on

You nazarene caricature

Praise Thou, Iscariot

Pure-blooded suicide


Burn on


Burn on




Her blood was christened

This fatal disease

Crimson cholera

Under Her skin

Born to be eternal

Excruciating evangelist


Now we make love to each other

Her soul is tortured and sick

For I am the painful Sin

Of Her Virginity


Dedicated to Jesus

Sacred, but now she´s unclean

Nymphs of the rivers

She had to be seen

By Eros and Psyché

Overdose of Love

Her robbed, erotic God

Her rosary rotted fast in the Dark...


Bloodred tongue

Voice like Venus

Saint raven hair

Pure Despair


The Cathedral is down

And she must be free

The we embrace ourselves

Behind veil of clouds and Dusk

Thou will see




I was created to betray

And to be betrayed

My veins benedicted by the eclipse of man

Afraid of all thee Angels


Fatalistic Biblical referencies

The Crucifix rotates

Damned divine


She shaped the hearts

To a pentagram

But He usurped it all

Feel this white Massacre

Damned divine


All vandalism in my ebony World

Salfreincarnated Urobor

Smashed me before he died


Arterial Darkness in Me




You are the evolution of the Death

Presice darkness, homicidal heart

The Climax of my Nemesis

Coolness in our Dreams


Thee pathetic Nightmare

Mouth spawned to be kissed

But lips such a glas

Created to be missed



I wasn´t able to prevail

As the heaven coloured red

We lied

Heated by Feelings

And the only Dark Escapism


Remember things Thou said

For I am the form of hunger

In the summerrays I weep and die

So watch me in the sky


So praise the Moon



SEPARATELY DYING(Daemonical Revenge)


Don´t take the rose it´s thorns


Memories of the Immortals

We were the feeble Ones

Unrepentance payed with blood

Predators caught

In chambers of God


Midwinter dying alone

Separated by light

Let the mighty Hades come

With Astaroth´s blessings

And we will reborn


Darkest December Epitaph

Surrounded by Magick


Thou will command me


To destroy that nazarene lamb


Because we will be here

To shatter the mist

Enthrone Thy Goddess


To swallow the suculent Flesh

Of Christ








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